Interview with ANGER AS ART

Interview with ANGER AS ART (Old School Thrash Metal/ USA. Members: Rob Alaniz/ Drums + Vocals, Eric Bryan/ Vocals + Bass, Steve Gaines/ Vocals + Guitar + Keys/ Dan Oliverio/ Guitar + Vocals)

by Petra M. Jansen

Hello Steve! Nice to talk to you today, I am very pleased. Tell me a bit about the existence of the band and the band’s history. How did you find together and did you have any lineup changes since your beginning in 2004?

Hello to you also. Short story, the band began in 2004 while I was on tour with another band that broke up on the road. So I was stranded in a hotel in Cleveland Ohio, and decided to record a handful of songs as a ‘last hurrah’, and stop doing music. After releasing the recording, there was demand for concerts, so I put a band together, and that was Anger As Art. We have had a few lineup changes, but the lineup has been pretty steady since about 2009.

Which ups and downs have you experienced in these long years and what is the most difficult to assert themselves over many years in this tough music business? Continue reading