Interview with THEOCRACY

Interview with THEOCRACY (Christian melodic-/ power metal/ USA. Members: Matt Smith/ Vocals, Val Allen Wood/ Lead Guitar, Jonathan Hinds/ Guitar, Vocals, Jared Oldham/ Bass, Ernie Topran/ Drums)

by Petra M. Jansen

Hello Matt! Nice to talk to you today, I am very pleased. Tell me a bit about the existence of the band and the band’s history. How did you find together and did you have any lineup changes since your beginning in 2002?

 Yes, thank you for talking to me. THEOCRACY started out as a solo project with just me. The first album was just me and then we became a three piece, for the second album we had John and Jean and now we´re finally five piece which is what I always wanted. I took a while to become a four piece band but finally we´re there.

Your new album “Ghost Ship” is out now. You entered the Billboard hard rock charts in top 19, wow, that´s amazing!

 Thank you! I am surprised.

So, I don´t have to ask whether you are satisfied… I saw the actual placement between Rob Zombie and Meshuggah… that´s fantastic! You certainly did not expect that success, I suppose? Continue reading