Interview with INNERWISH

Interview with InnerWish (George Eikosipentakis/ Vocals,Thimios Krikos/ Guitars, Manolis Tsigkos/ Guitars, Antonis Mazarakis/ Bass, Fragiskos Samoilis/ Drums, George Geogiou/ Keyboards) by Petra M. Jansen

Hi guys, nice to meet you here at the FMO Full Metal Osthessen Festival 2017 and thanks a lot for spending your time with me. Great pleasure!

And we are InnerWish, we have no names (laughs).

InnerWish is a Christian melodic power metal band from Greece and no stranger in the metal scene. First of all congratulation to your amazing music, I pretty enjoyed each of your albums. So, hello to all of you, how are things going in Greece at the moment?

Hahaha, we can talk about politics and everything… ok, we are characterized as a Christian metal band because maybe we´ve some things in the lyrics or some positive messages so one can understand them as Christian songs but we don´t want to be characterized in a special category. We just play music and everyone can explain or interpret the lyrics as he wants. We write about things which are very much related to life, to emotions, to our families, almost daily things or such human things. We are not specialized in Christian lyrics, it´s not our purpose. But we drink some Christian beers hahaha…. God bless! Anyway we are Greeks, we are born in Greece and we are grown up with religion. We are not using our music to promote Christian messages. On the first album of InnerWish we had a song which is called” Lord Of Truth” or “Waiting For The Dawn”… maybe this characterized us as a Christian band. When we split up after the first recording… our first singer became a monk for about 8 years and we had a cover with a cross on it´s front. We are not against Christians, we are Christians, of course… but our music has several real messages.

You had a line up changing and one of your band members is also playing in DIVINER, is it right? Continue reading